Hello! Welcome to my online throne. I am Rán Flygenring, artist and illustrator from Iceland.

Once described as 50% viking, 50% bureaucrat, I kind of prefer flâneur.
My name rhymes with brown and is borrowed from the goddess of the sea in Norse mythology. But note that in daily spoken Icelandic it is more commonly used for robbery.

I have a few degrees and awards and what not, mostly for drawing stories, pictures and letters.


2022 ELDGOS, published by Angústúra.

2021 Koma jól? with Hallgrímur Helgason, published by Angústúra.

2021 Drottningin sem kunni allt nema … with Gunnar Helgason, Forlagið.

With Hjörleifur Hjartarson:
2018 Sagan um Skarphéðin Dungal 

2019 Wie der Wahnsinn mir die Welt erklärte with Dita Zipfel.

2019 VIGDÍS – sagan um fyrsta konuforsetann. Published by Angústúra.

With Finn-Ole Heinrich:
2018 Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Waldes, published by Mairisch verlag.
2011 Frerk, du Zwerg!
The Book Series Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt;
2015 Ende des Universums
2014 Warten auf Wunder
2013 Mein Kaputtes Königreich

Awards & Press

I have received numerous prestigious awards and nominations for my work.
If you want hard facts, have at the CV.

Need press photos? Find them here.

Looking for something more fun than a resumé? Check out the Grand Puffin Hotel short film info-mercial.


Want to get in touch with me?
It’s best to write an old fashioned
email to mail@ranflygenring.com.
I will reply, eventually.

You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Things I have made:

That was a lot,
but still not half of it.

Want more? Look me up in your local search engine. I can also be found on social media, in the pool or flâneuring around the streets of Reykjavik.